Tony Craze

Tony Craze

Tony has worked in the City since 1964.  He has a wealth of experience gained at Chief Executive level in the marketing and execution functions of stock broking, fund management and life assurance companies and he has provided expert witness services to a number of legal firms.  He is a registered, practising stockbroker and therefore brings an up-to-date approach to legislative and best practice issues.


In addition, Tony is frequently invited to contribute to a variety of media programmes, giving Dawntraders' perspective on the current markets.  He makes regular appearances on a number of well-known television and radio programmes including BBC, Sky and specialist financial broadcasts.

Tony is an experienced seminar presenter and facilitator and regularly gives talks to groups at all levels of investment expertise.

Tony’s television appearances include:

BBC Business Breakfast; 

BBC News 24; 

BBC Working Lunch; 

BBC World Service 

ITN News 

Channel 4 News 

Channel 5 News 

Sky News 

Sky Business Interactive 


BNN (Business News Network Canada) 



Al Jazeera

Tony has also guested on radio for:

BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’; ‘Money Box’ 

BBC Radio 5 Live ‘Wake up to Money’ 

BBC Radio 5 ‘Drive Time’; ‘Financial World Tonight’ 

BBC Radio Scotland ‘The Business’ 

LBC Radio  ‘Nick Ferrari at Breakfast’; ‘Drive Time’; ‘Business & Property Show’ 

BBC London Live 

Jazz FM