Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith signed professional forms for Liverpool FC on his 17th birthday in April 1962.

This was the start of the Iron Mans remarkable 632 games for Liverpool where he netted 48 goals and just look at these honours-

THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP IN 65/66, 72/73, 75/76, 76/77 THE FA CUP IN 64/65, 73/74 THE EUROPEAN CUP IN 76/77 AND THE UEFA CUP IN 72/73, 75/76.


If you were to pick the highest point of Tommy's career you would have to say it was when Bill Shankly made Tommy Smith Captain of Liverpool and they won two major trophies in a season for the first time.

The title was all but mathematically confirmed when Leeds were beaten at Anfield on Easter Monday and the following month Tommy stepped forward to receive the giant UEFA cup.

If you look back through the years Liverpool has probably more legends than any other club all due to the clubs success and rightly so but when you think of all the great names like Keegan, Dalglish and so on its hard to find a name who wanted to Win more than Tommy Smith