The Scissor Sisterz

The Scissor Sisterz

Take Elton John, multiply him by five, add a pinch of 70's disco, maybe a little Keane and some Coldplay and a dash of Camp Rock , and you'll have something resembling the sound of the Scissor Sisters.

The have fantastically fantastic songs, from the joyful jam "Take your Mama" to the tear jerking "Mary", and tackle the Honky Chateau ear that not even Sir Elton attempts anymore. But eh colourful masterstroke has to be it's disco-fied cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortable Numb" that is ripe with Bee Gees falsetto and Donna Summer production values which is so ridiculously fun it's off the charts!

Whether rocking a dance floor or orchestrating a lonely piano ballad, the sound of the Scissor Sisters is fresh.  They manage to re-imagine and synthesize the voices of the past in a way that leaves their own distinct mark.  This is no retro band.

They prove that pop music is at it's best when it let's nothing - not genre lines, not popular trends, not rules - stand in the way of a good song.

Recreating that sound and paying tribute to this group are Matt Waler and Charlotte Marsden who play lead vocalists Jake Shears and Ana Matronic.  Along with Richard Laws on Drums, Steven Thomas on keyboard Guitar and Liz Palmer on keyboards they are the Sicissor Sisterz (with a Z!).  it its pop thrills a go-go you're after, they've got it.

The Scissor SisterZ, whose previous gigs have seen them perform with McFly, Chico and Journey South among others, made their debut on stage at The Palace performing to an appreciative near-capacity crowd.

The seven-strong team of singers, musicians and dancers delivered an energetic hour-long set featuring well-known Scissor Sisters singles as well as disco and pop classics.

The British tribute ably demonstrated the originals high-octane passion for the songs and delivered a powerful performance which had The Palace dancefloor and balcony eager for more.

From the first number Take Your Mama, the Scissor SisterZ worked the venue, with Sisters top 20 hits such as Laura, Mary, and Filthy/Gorgeous, being performed alongside disco classics Can You Feel It, Disco Inferno and We Are Family, and more modern tunes such as I Believe in You (Written by the Scissor Sisters for Kylie).

The act even managed to perform the Scissor Sisters' latest release Land Of A Thousand Words, before finishing with the hit song of 2006, I Don't Feel Like Dancing sending the crowd into a frenzy and resulting in two encores.

Lead vocals were stunningly delivered by Matt Walker, as golden boy Jake Shears.

His stage presence and ability to hit and keep the high notes certainly caught both the eye and ear of the crowd, and his costume proved that all that glitters is golden.

He was ably supported by the astounding Charlotte Marsden, taking the role of mistress of ceremonies Ana Matronic.

Her powerful vocals on numbers such as Nine Til Five and her ability to work the crowd between numbers are just two of the talents she clearly relishes demonstrating, as she provided the spine to the band.

The three musicians - keyboard player Steven Thomas as Baby Daddy, guitarist Martin Reid as Del Marquis and Richard Laws on drums as Paddy Boom - brought the music to life without ever trying to share the limelight with the vocalist and dancers.

Although theirs was a professional job, I would have loved for them to have the opportunity to show off with individual solos.

In addition to the band members, the crowd were entertained by GoGo dancers Sarah Magor and Darren Martyn.

Their energetic, fast-moving and slick routines added to the dynamics of the evening, while their high kicks and splits moves should definitely not be tried at home.

The Scissor Sisters may be one of the bands of the moment, but The Scissor SisterZ certainly know how to get the party started.

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Performance Options:
Full Band & Lead Vocals (Jake & Ana)
Full Band & Lead Vocals & Dances
Lead Vocals (Jake & Ana) & Dancers with backing tracks


SOMERSET revellers certainly felt like dancing after one of the country's top tribute acts visited a top Bridgwater Nightspot on December 29.  REVIEW BY BRIDGWATER MERCURY OF DEC 29th APPEARANCE...
"SisterZ get Palace fans dancing." - By Mercury Reporter