The Live Hustle

The Live Hustle

Unique After Dinner Entertainment, our tricksters will tour your function and use tricks, cons and some magic to win back the fun money that has been distributed to guests during the event.

Forget the "Bunko Booth, our con artists are the ultimate in fast company.  Their suits are sharp but their moves are sharper. 

Your guests can safely experience the hustle from the streets.

We recreate the heat of the hustle as guests lose their fun money to our tabletop grifters.  When it's all over we show them how it was done.

How Does it Work?

Our smartly dressed charming cheats, with more lines than Keith Richards and more front than Brighton Beach, will visit guests while dining. Performing an effect or proposition bet to we the appetite of your guests.  They then dish out the fun money, which is used to play our con men at The Live Hustle table, where the heat of battle begins.

Using genuine confidence tricks straight from the street, your guests will experience the vibrant buzz of The Live Hustle.

Meet "Hands Maudsley", straight from the East End, who realised at an early age that he had a natural flair for lying.  With hi blue eyes and cheeky smile he could get himself out of any scrape or tense situation.

Known to his friends as "Shady Shoeshine", he started lifting wallets while still in the pram.  Once he conned the king of England out of his crown jewels, or so he says, he will line your guests' pockets with money and then steal it back, all in the name of entertainment.