The Gully Man

The Gully Gully Man - Magician

We’ve all seen magicians and many of us have seen comedy magicians but we guarantee you will never, ever laugh so much while watching a magician perform as you will do watching The Gully Gully Man’s Show!

The Gully Gully Man was an Egyptian magician that visited ships that were moored up alongside the River

Nile. He would entertain the crowd alongside other traders that sold souvenirs to the passengers on board.

The Gully Gully Man would perform card, rope and coin tricks and his finale would be the cups and balls. Khaled Hammad is very proud to be called The Gully Gully Man as the only magician in the UK that performs the Gully Gully Man’s comedy magic show, with a modern twist!

Khaled was born In the magical city of Giza in Egypt and that was where he grew up and watched his first magic trick by an Egyptian street magician. It happened to be the oldest trick in the entire history of magic, which originated in Egypt around 7000 years ago. Khaled loved the trick and made it his finale for every show he does.

The Gully Gully Man is one of the finest, most in demand magicians in the UK. His experience as a street magician helped him throughout his career, as he entertains his audience rather than just showing them magic tricks. His brilliant sleight of hand and hilarious personality have a spellbinding effect on audiences of all ages……and this is the effect he has……