The Bar Wizards

The Bar Wizards

Neil and Neil, or "The Barwizards" are international celebrity bartenders to the rich and famous, who were finalists in Simon Cowles "Britain's Got Talent".

They have devised a show which is leaving audiences astounded by their technical skill and sense of fun.  After performances in over 50 countries over the last 10 years the BarWizards decided to develop a new flair show, hoping to bring something new to the entertainment market.

The show can be performed almost anywhere, provided the stage is a reasonable size and audiences can see. You have the option of choosing an interactive addition to the show - where a guest will be picked to join the BarWizards on stage and help with their flair routine.

There is no expensive set to build, and the BarWizards are happy to perform at anytime, in any country, and guests of any age and gender will all appreciate this fun, visual spectacle.



Little and Large, this duo is simply the most professional, enticing, crowd pleasing pair, one could ever wish for at any event.
Jeremy Agnew, Solidarnosc

"The BarWizards were hugely entertaining at our Staff Christmas Party. The Flair show at the start of the dinner was an amazing surprise for out guests and it set the scene for a wonderful evening." - Fiona Carey (Emirates).

"BarWizards create a spectacle that consumers are naturally drawn to. This is a great way to draw consumers to the brand in a fun, high energy, interactive way." - John Gajura (Sagatiba).

"BarWizards were Fabulous. 4 Puffs N a piano Fantastically entertaining, loved it, unique energy." - Amanda Holden.

"Really really fun to watch, loved the energy and enthusiasm, pointless but brilliant, never seen anything like it in my life! No one else doing this kind of act." - Simon Cowell.