Take That Tribute - Fake That

Take That - Tribute Group - Live Vocals - Event Hire

Fake That

The Original Tribute to the biggest selling boyband ever in the UK - TAKE THAT!

This fully choreographed show lasts for up to 1 hour (2x45 minute show available upon request) is fully self contained with Fake That's own 4Kw PA system, Lighting & Sound Technician, and includes all of their Greatest Hits such as:

Back For Good / How Deep Is Your Love / Pray / Relight My Fire / Everything Changes But You / Babe / Sure / It Only Takes A Minute Girl / Could It Be Magic / Love Ain't Here Anymore / Never Forget / Million Love Songs.

‘Fake That’ - ‘Meet The Boys’

The guys all hail from around the Manchester area, good job really as so do ‘Take That!!’ … They have been gigging together over 10 years, as they started out as ‘WestLives’ which was also a ‘UK’s number 1 tribute show’, until the real ‘Westlife’ gave it all up, but then ‘Take That’ took over …

The aim is to be so entertaining, make people join in and have fun with the show, which if you look at the live video links they do … Our ‘Gary Barlow’ (Carl) isn’t a look-a-like, and he’s probably happy about that, as he’s far better looking lol - (I’ll get a pat on the back for that one), but what he’s really good at is singing the songs the way ‘Mr Barlow’ does, and he has the stage personality to go with that (you may be sat at the back of a venue, nice and hidden, but you’re not safe, as at any point he could be sat next to you)

Then theirs ‘Connor’ (the ‘toy boy’ of the act), and its funny as the girls seem to like him (a lot), girls are funny creatures?

Hmm who else? … Ah yes ‘Aaron’ that plays our ‘Mark Owen’, Aaron just loves performing and having girls scream at him (wait until he’s married, and her indoors screams at him, he won’t find it as funny then) …
I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone?? … Paul, Josh, Andrew?? … Ah no it’s that other one!! … ‘Take That’ may have lost the plot with this guy, but we never have, its ‘Robbie’ … Now I don’t care if it’s a three, four, or five piece show we perform, he has to be in it, and yes its ‘Curt’, our ‘Robbie Williams’ …

I could never consider doing a show without him, as he’s so damn good at what he does, and the audience totally love him, ‘Take That’ may be ‘Take That’, but without ‘Robbie!!’ …NO WAY…

When you’re looking for a quality night out, and one you and you friends will be talking about years later, get these guys booked, as they are something else!!