Supernova - Dance Act - Private & Corporate Hire

Supernova is a state of the art cabaret dance show that combines sharp choreography with a vibrant soundtrack & for the first time, all over body graphics.

As the dancers perform, video and colour sequences are displayed on their light suits, colours, shapes, graphics and logos.  The performers from an organic, fluid video screen, with images appearing on each individual performer or scrolling across the group as they move on stage.  The effect is breathtaking, beautiful and very memorable.

Supernova premiered at the gadget show 2015 in Birmingham. 



Audience reactions to Supernova:

“Incredible performance by Feeding the Fish at The Gadget Show – the future of entertainment.”

“Saw Feeding the Fish at Gadget Show Live today, they were amazing!”

“The dancing by Feeding the Fish was brilliant, a visual treat.”