Strolling Living Tables

Strolling Human Table - Corporate or Private Event Hire

We are very proud to announce another world exclusive costume from our new Light Up Strolling Tables range - The Swan Lake Ballerinas.  Romance on your mind? These Ballerinas are a dream come true!

Their elaborately feathered headdresses, delicate white tutus and luxurious satin heeled ballet slippers are the definition of elegance and class.

Contained within circular, glass like tables, these luscious ballerina inspired costumes allow freedom of movement and are designed in opulent white, light reflective textures to maximize the coloured neon glow of your choice.

Choosing from white, red, green, blue, orange (8 different colours available) or colour changing, allows you to match your theme perfectly.

An absolute must for creating an exciting and exclusive ambience at any event.

Additional info

Performance – The tables perform an absolute maximum of 15 minutes at a time. They can perform up to 4 x 15 minute sets over a 2 hour period.