Star Wars Trilogy Upright

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The Star Wars trilogy, the magnificent epic adventure that captivated the world, is now available as a 3D shooting game!

Relive the battle between the Rebel forces and the Empire as an X-Wing fighter pilot, and many, many other favourite scenes from the movie.

Different missions and fighters for each stage make for varied and addictive game play that perfectly recaptures the feel of the original!

The Star Wars Trilogy Arcade is a 3D shooter from Sega that combines different modes – flight in different types of vehicles, first person shooting and a unique lightsaber mode!

All the modes are based on the classic first trilogy of films and stages feature TIE Fighter combat, Snowpeeder battles on the planet Hoth and Speeder bike chases through the forest of Endor.

There are also a number of bonus stages featuring classic Star Wars characters!