Silent Scope

Silent Scope - Arcade Machine Hire

Target Practice lets you practice your sniper skills; Time Attack challenges you to clear several stages with a fast time and a high accuracy rating; Story mode has a variety of intense missions.

The game has three modes of play: Target Practice, Time Attack and Story.

You will pick-off terrorists while perched atop a skyscraper, take down a thug who is carrying a hostage down a football field, hit moving targets while speeding down the highway, and even don a pair of night-vision goggles as you are dropped by parachute into an enemy compound.

Each mission has a tough boss enemy that requires a great deal of skill to take down.

Your life meter will go down each time you are hit or accidentally kill an innocent by-stander. You can restore lost health by being a voyeur and sighting “interesting” side events.

Hire 'Silent Scope' to enhance your event's theme or just add to your events fun!