Dr. Siân Lawson

Dr Sian Lawson

Dr. Siân Lawson is an award-winning scientist turned film industry consultant whose work has included such films as Troy (2004), King Arthur (2004), Alexander (2004) and next years efforts by Ridley Scott and Tim Burton. Her invited talks have stretched from the House of Commons to continental Europe, the United States, South Africa and New Zealand.


Siân's first attempts at Academia were not smooth - quitting less than a year into her first degree - however she now holds a PhD from the University of Oxford, along with a First Class Bachelors Degree and over a dozen awards for academic research. Siân's subsequent move into the film industry made her the first scientist to secure a full-time career in special effects, despite previously specialising in human clinical problems. Capitalising on her history as a successful show jumper and horse trainer she has now cut a niche for herself in providing the motion capture for horse, human and other animal stunts.

Born as a British ex-pat in the Middle East, Siân has always shown versatility and determination. In the last 18 months she has made 400,000 Greeks from seven men, persuaded animals to perform on treadmills wearing ping pong balls, survived the temperaments of a number of different film types, got married, had a child and moved to France. As an after-dinner and motivational speaker, Siân is at once dynamic, entertaining and inspirational.