Sega Race TV

Sega Race TV - Arcade Game - Racing Game

The latest Sega driving game for hire.

This all-American style game has all the elements of a classic driver plus a garage full of exciting additional extras under the hood!

Tuned to perfection with famous licensed cars from “pulse quickening” genres like “Hotrod”, “Muscle”, “Exotic” and “Sports” – watching a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray taking some SEGA RACE TV track punishment is truly a sight to behold!

Five dynamic landscapes supply the perfect backdrops for all the flashy special effects, thrills, spills and crashes that take place by both, day and night.

The special BOOST speed element to the game will become the new standard in driver game play and once players experience “BOOST” they will never go back!

Hire 'Sega Race TV' to enhance your event's theme or just add to your events fun!