Scales of the Unexpected

Scales of the Unexpected - Mix and Mingle Act - Live Trio

Comedy Barbershop Trio

Scales of the Unexpected is a comedy vocal harmony group.  Their hilarious harmonies and deranged dancing make the perfect show for corporate events, parties, awards ceremonies, weddings, cabarets and comedy nights.

They pay harmonic homage to the greatest popular music of all time, from Queen to Kate Bush from Take That to Kylie, from U2 to E.T. via the Sound of Music and our favourite movie themes. We cram the entire works of Abba, Madonna and Stock, Atiken and Waterman into their incredible medleys and revisit some of the best-loved (or best-forgotten) One Hit Wonders!

Scales of the Unexpected can provide a cheerful musical welcome, some gentle strolling accapella crooning while you dine, or a spectacular after-dinner comedy cabaret show of 15-30 minutes.

If there's a song that would be perfect for your event, and that you've always wanted to hear in glorious three-part harmony, they can arrange and perform it to order.

If you want to have somebody praised to the skies in song, or mercilessly and musically mocked, their award-winning writing team will rewrite the lyrics to any songs you like, or come up with a new one Especially For You!

And as the Festive Season is rarely more than 12 months away, you should hear what they can do to your favourite Christmas songs.

Scales of the Unexpected create shows and strolling acts perfect for corporate events, dinners, garden parties, weddings, awards ceremonies and trade fairs of all shapes and sizes.

In recent months we've helped launch the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition; were Singing Comperes for the Duke Of Edinburgh's Awards; sang an epic muscial medley in the Best Man's speech at a glittering Celebrity Wedding; and have entertained clients including Duncan Bannatyne, the AA, Serco, BBC Radio Kent, Selfridges, HSBC, Unilever and McAfee in such glamorous locations as Monte Carlo, Claridges, Chelsea Physic Gardens, Dali Universe, The Dorchester Hotel, Hotel Bannatyne, The Manchester Hilton, Somerset House, Highclere Castle and Gstaad.



Celebrity reactions to Scales of the Unexpected:

"That was great, guys." - Ewan McGregor (after we sang one of his very own Moulin Rouge songs at him. Get us!).

"The highlight of my wedding day." - Duncan "Dragon's Den" Bannatyne (quoted in OK Magazine).

"G4 with Spunk" - Frank Sanazi (the Crooning Dictator).

"Scales of the Unexpected - what a great name!" - Rory Bremner.

"The incomparable Scales of the Unexpected (I nearly wet my knickers!)" - Lamb-Chop Magoo.

"Which way to the bathroom, please?" - Cherie Lunghi.

"You were brilliant!" - Amanda Holden.

Audience reactions:

“I never thought any musical cabaret could make me laugh more than Flanders and Swan, but I've been proven wrong.  My laughter muscles are still hurting.  Scales are the best thing in musical comedy today." - E. Ball.

“The Scales are definitely a crowd puller and worth the squash. I shall be attempting another sortie on the 30th, because they really were terrific and I would love to see the show again." - M. Jones.

“I was immensely impressed by Scales and have not laughed quite so much in a long time.” - H. Williams.

What they thought at Boogaloo:

"The live act are Scales Of The Unexpected, a barbershop quartet who perform not just cover versions of known pop hits, but segue them together in such a clever way, it borders on Joycean wordplay. They get through what must be the best part of fifty songs in twenty minutes. And they can really, really sing."

"We arrived just as the live act were finishing; a very funny barbershop trio called Scales of the Unexpected who did an exemplary Abba medley.