Sandi Toksvig

Sandi Toksvig - Presenter - Awards Host - After Dinner Speaker

Sandi Toksvig is the chair of Radio 4's newsquiz and also presents the weekly travel show "Excess Baggage" on Saturday mornings.

The daughter of a foreign correspondent, Sandi has been travelling all her life. She grew up in Europe, Africa and America, at one point the family gave their permanent address as care of the Samsonite company.


She has now settled in the UK which she has sailed around with John McCarthy and toured throughout with many shows. She has also canoed across Africa and explored other distant parts for the BBC. She has just completed travel filming for BBC ONE's Holiday programme in Palm Springs and Majorca and is about to set off to cover parts of California, Washington State and southern Spain.

In between, she writes. She has published many children's books (she was a script writer for Saturday Kids show No 73 in the 80s and was a regular contributor), two adult novels and The Gladys Society, an American travel book in which Sandi tracks down eleven girls she was close to in her New York High School days.

Her dry wit, and satirical yet not cynical manner make her a popular choice for after dinner engagements and event hosting.


"Brilliant choice, we'll be using her again"Sandi spoke at the First Women Awards

"Sandi was simply brilliantly..what more can I say"Sandi hosted the IVCA Awards