Russ Williams

Russ Williams - Comic - Comedian - Stand Up


Russ Williams was born in Barking, Essex & was a lad who found it impossible to sit through even the shortest lesson without trying to inject a little boyish humour or behave in a way that would test the patience of even the most tolerant of teachers, it would seem the label of the class clown would inevitably be carried into adulthood.

Russ first entered the world of show business at the tender age of twelve with various stage & acting roles including a part in 'Jack The Ripper' which was later featured on BBC Television.

His initial time spent entertaining children & then going on to become a professional DJ gave him the grounding that stands him in good stead today.

He launched his first comedy act in 1992 & has continued to work hard to create his own style  panache which, to date, has seen him perform in front of thousands of paying customers on numerous summer seasons, touring shows & one off engagements.

Russ's act is full of cheek and is a fast moving all action show filled with songs, impressions, stand up  & visual comedy. This is all delivered which his own brand of cheeky patter & is tailored immaculately, like his dress, to suit any audience regardless of age or situation.

In this day & age of alternative comedy he is indeed a rare breed performing in a style that is not only the established & recognised comedian, but also bordering on the alternative showman.

His ambitions of one day becoming a TV presenter/gameshow host is surely not far away.  Judge for yourself when being entertained by this energetic young man as he defies his audiences not to laugh!