Rowing Machines Simulators

Rowing Machines Simulators - 3D Rowing Course - Portable Venue Racing

One of the premier features of our Pro rowing is the stunning 3D on-water rowing course, now featuring live water with oar puddles, boat wakes, gentle surface ripples and moving reflections.

During a Venue Race, the participants' rowers are represented as boats on the main screen. Moving along exactly in accordance with the meters rowed.

Participants can row one to a boat, or can be grouped into larger boats 2x, 4x or 8x.

Venue Racing enables schools, colleges, clubs, universities, gyms and many other organisations to arrange on-site competitions using our multiple Rowing machines.

How does it work?

While the race is underway, information is exchanged between the participants' Rower Performance Monitors to show the position of the leader and other nearby participants in real

time throughout the race. The software also shows the position of all boats on the Main screen in real time via our 42" large external display screen or projected system to allow larger audiences to view the action.