Roll and Bowl Game

Roll and Bowl Game

Roll and Bowl is a fully portable classic fairground style game, also known as a Kentucky Derby or Donkey Derby.  This fast moving 4 player game is a fully automatic experience, with built in commentary, led lighting its a surefire hit at parties, events and a great exhibition stand or expo game too.

This 4 person compact version of the classic fairground roll a ball game is fully portable, allowing it to be set up in hotels, convention centres, event venues and anywhere where you may hold a party!

The players are required to roll their balls up the playfield and through the coloured holes to score points, each hole in their lane is worth different points. Each time a player scores points, the further they move up the track towards the finish line.

What’s Included?

This fast moving fun Kentucky Derby Roll and Bowl game is accompanied by integrated LED lighting, PA system, automated sound effects and commentary along with a fully themed set up. The game is awesome fun, always popular at events and a surefire hit to create a buzz and attention.

Available with a choice of two standard themes, the classic ‘donkey derby’ horse race theme and a Christmas Seasonal theme.

For sponsorship, exhibition or promotional events the roll and bowl can be completely branded with company or client logos, brand messages, it’s even possible to have custom objects or characters made for the track!

Additional info

Space Required

2.9m depth x 2.3m width x 2.1m height

1 x 13amp socket within 10m of the set up area