Rod Beech

Rod Beech - Event Comedian - Comic

Comedian / Speaker.

Rod is a versatile and well respected experienced comedian who has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. He brings to the stage an aura and presence coupled with a wealth of experience that allows him to read an audience and rarely fail to make them laugh.

As a full and proud EQUITY member Rod places a great deal of emphasis on providing a performance that is reflected not only in his stage appearance but also in the quality of his material which is often drawn from life experiences, topical events down to the expert delivery of quick witted one liners.

An international artist Rod has performed in holiday venues all over Europe and is a regular on the armed forces circuit specializing in their Regimental after dinners, winter draws and summer balls.

He also specializes in supporting well known sporting and celebrity speakers in the sportsman/corporate after dinner market and at golfing dinners. However Rod has not forgotten his roots and is equally at home in the club/cabaret scene.

Please note that as the perceived world of comedy has evolved so Rods act has evolved with it. However rest assured he covers any situation with the required material. This can be seen from his reviews and testimonial's.

Rod was the guest comedian for the Carlton TV series THE LAST WORD.  Being a full member of equity carries their public liability insurance of £10.000.000. Rod will not perform at stag or hen nights.

Next was Rod Beech, A midlands stand up comedian with a nice delivery and plenty of stage presence. As beech delivered the funnies you could see why he is at home in either the club or on the after dinner scene. Mark Richie, national critic for the Stage & T.V. Today.


"Robert Parsons Night of entertainment: A galaxy of entertainment. To say Rod Beech was out of this world is to put it mildly, he was brilliant." - Frank Leach (reviewer for the Entertainer magazine).

"Comedian Rod Beech 'if it's laughter you're after' says his promotional material and, having seen him perform that is fair comment. He raises enough laughs to please most without having to try to hard, and he is a shrewd judge of an audience. A likeable character with original material." - Derek Smith (national critic for the Stage & T.V Today).

"Rod Beech: In the right surroundings this comedian is a knockout, for he is topical, witty, ribald and more than halfway to being 'alternative'. He produced a very professional performance." - Peter Hepple (National critic for the stage and tv today).

"Comedian ROD BEECH gave a really polished performance, loads of new gags and very topical too. He went down extremely well. he is surly one of the best comedians we have seen at the club." - Geoff Starkey (for the Old Oscott club, in the Midlands, club review).