Robotic Mime Artistes

Robotic Mime Artistes - Event Artists

Robotic Mime Artistes are meet and greet characters that are literally out of this world.  These performers are ideal for ice breakers and appearances at all kinds of event.

Attracting a crowd wherever they perform, robotic performers are excellent attractions at events, especially teamed up with a promotional team to get maximum exposure.



6ft 3" of full metal muscle.

Primo is able to communicate with your guests, even in noisy environments. His talents include singing and dancing and has many sound effects to suit the mood for every occasion. 
PRIMO works very well for meet and greet situations and also at events when maximum impact is required.
Primo is also available with Electra 'The Worlds Most Beautiful Robot!'

Servo Dummies

Servo Dummies are unique and possibly the most fascinating mannequins available.
See is believing - Hearing is believing, built into each Servo Dummy is a realistic servomotor sounder to compliment all movements. Wherever Servo Dummies are active passers by will stop in amazement believing the characters are real motorised moving mannequins.
Servo Dummies are a guaranteed attraction for any event and can blend in with almost any costume requirements whatever the theme.

Zios and Zigra

Zios and Zigra the only electronic hydronoids in existence have arrived on planet earth. 
Their impressive robotic mime coupled with their electronic outfits, zany humour and gentle approach draws crowds of admirers to their side. Suitable for audiences of any language and age worldwide at:- product launches, trade shows, festivals and family events etc.

Ant E Statik

Ant E Statik is truly alien, a totally absorbing robotic walkabout/robotic dance experience.   The most remarkable time traveling entertainment robot on the planet explores all kinds of events, genuinely wants to know more about the planet he's visiting.  At last here is a highly innovative alienesque robotic performer from the distant future of an alternative reality.  He entertains, he walks, he talks, he even dances too.  Ant E Statik is a leading expert in robotic mime with over twenty years of experience in his field.  Robotic Walkabout 2 x 45 min spots.


JUNIOR is a radio controlled robot that is operated from a nearby hidden location.   The robot operator can view, hear and talk to anyone close to JUNIOR, via a wireless optical and audio link to the robot.  
JUNIOR is ideal for meet and greet occasions as he 'speaks' in a very clear synthesised voice.  
His lovely blue eyes make him vulnerable to hugs and kisses from young children and women of all ages especially as he is only 3 ft tall.  


BORG-STIFF is based on the Star Trek character the Borg and is very much in demand for all types of events.  
BORG-STIFF comes complete with functioning light displays, servo motor sounds and a professional robotic artiste to bring the Borg presence alive.  
All this and YES! batteries are included.  
Be part of the borg collective.  

The Ex-Terminator

The Ex-Terminator is a character we have all grown to love or hate. The concept of this character was a unique challenge, using the art of prosthetics/makeup.  
The Ex-Terminator certainly does create a lot of interest wherever he performs. He is definitely an awesome character ready to do the business for Halloween or just to make your parties go with a bang.