Robert Swan

Robert Swan - Climate Change Speaker

Robert Swan, polar explorer and environmental campaigner but above all a superbly gifted communicator, is regarded as one of the world's top motivational speakers. His themes are based upon his personal experiences as the first man to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles and his subsequent work as United Nations Ambassador for Youth and the Environment. The unique insights and valuable lessons learned enable him to stimulate audiences across the globe, whether schoolchildren or Chief Executives from multinational organisations, with his vision, integrity, humour and forthright manner.


Invited to be a keynote speaker at the Rio Earth Summit, Robert's message is a universal one "that it is possible to achieve your goals and fulfil your ambitions both in your personal and professional life".


Robert has shown through his walks to both Poles that individuals have the power to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, whatever these may be, through perseverance, determination and commitment.


In a hostile environment such as the Arctic, you must express your thoughts, feelings and actions, simply to survive. Effective communication is equally essential in business.


A leader must take decisions and have the courage to stick to them - in the Arctic there is no desk to hide behind.


Great feats are rarely achieved by individuals. The team who understands its strengths and weakness and pulls together to face the challenge, will achieve the seemingly impossible.

The Environment

Robert has witnessed the damage that man has wreaked on the most delicate of the world's environments. He has walked under the hole in the ozone layer and seen the Arctic ice melting two months earlier than it should - both are as a result of the Greenhouse effect. However, Robert's message is one of hope.