Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson - Actor - Host - Presenter

Richard Wilson, one of Britain's best loved actors, was 27 when he gave up his day job and decided to go to RADA - 'I didn't know if I'd be good enough as an actor, but I'm a great believer in people trying to find their niche in life.' - Richard has always worked steadily but it is only in the last fifteen years or so that he has become a household name.


He made his name starring in films such as 'How to Get Ahead in Advertising' and TV shows 'Tutti Frutti' and 'Only When I Laugh', but it is, of course, his character Victor Meldrew in One Foot In The Grave that caught the public's imagination.

The programme originally ran between 1990 and 1997 followed by of off specials pulling in up to 15 million viewers each week, and his role won him Top Comedy Actor in the 1992 British Comedy Awards and has become the national embodiment of grumpiness and impotent rage as Victor.