The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue

Raymond and Mr Timpkins

Silent Comedy / Mime

The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue are a prop/music driven comedy double act, they have been professionally dancing about and holding up words and pictures since 2004, though they have been been enthusiastic amateurs for much longer.

They have crisscrossed the planet in a bid to make money and amuse.

From the Falkland Islands to Oman, South Africa to East Cheam, we’ve been there and enjoyed it all.

Raymond & Mr Timpkins present a 25 min show, guaranteed to have everyone in the room in stitches. You'll never be able to listen to certain songs again without thinking back to this excellent comedy act.

Name: raymond 
Age: biffin
Birthday: biffin
College: biffin
Favorite Color: biffin
Favorite Book: metaphysical poets and their toilet habits
Favorite Movie: toy story 3
Favorite Food: biffin
Favorite Quote: £45.00 for a new jacket lining : Bolloms the tailors
Mr Timpkins...
Name: Mr Timpkins
Age: how rude
Birthday: yes
College: The Waterlooville Pentecostal Church and Dry Cleaners Association combined primary school.
Favorite Color: how ridiculous
Favorite Book: Big Daves football/wheat futures illegal betting. The White Star High Street Mybermole. (ask for Dave. Don’t mention my name!)
Favorite Movie: Ferris Buellers List. (very emotional teenage romp/holocaust exploration genre crossover. Straight to DVD unfortunately)
Favorite Food: thin brown soup
Favorite Quote: £45 for a jacket lining was remarkable, I must admit.
My favorite songs: Rule Brittannia, Land of Hope and Glory, God Save our Queen, Shudduppa your face
My favorite links: •MMR to autism •Obesity to heart disease •Prince Albert to Jack the Ripper
I am a misunderstood philanthropist and doer of good deeds only. Any stories about abuse or exploitation are nonsense and simple piff paff. Now then, time to get raymond on that exterior masonry then the washing. I meanwhile shall educate myself further with this months best of Jackie 1972-1975.


One of the funniest acts i have seen & worked with, fantastic'.........Alan Garner.