Rafe Offer

Rafe Offer
Rafe Offer is a business guru, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. As Marketing and Innovation Consultant at Diageo, Coca-Cola & Walt Disney he has acquired an abundance of experience and a track record of leading teams for some of the best known brands on the planet, to generate profitable new growth. 
Perfect for an insightful keynote speech, Rafe has been a guest speaker at Microsoft, Aviva and Amazon. He covers all the key business topics from innovation and inspiration, corporate venturing and company culture.
With his passionate yet relaxed and interactive style, Rafe grabs the attention of his audiences right from the off. He breathes life into marketing basics as he demonstrates how to create a culture that encourages and enables breakthrough innovation, via the future of social media.
He can tailor his presentations to his clients but his topics can cover:
  • VIRAL MARKETING - Under the Influence: How to get the most influential people in the world talking about your company.
  • CUSTOMER RETENTION - Senseless acts of random kindness:  How to find and keep customers by making them happy.
  • COMPANY CULTURE - What are you looking at? : The value of having a vision.
  • YOUR WORK MISSION - Man on the moon: Why you need a mission and why everyone in your company has to know what it is.
Rafe has recently founded his own business, Sofarsounds, a cutting-edge music company and worldwide promoter of new bands. Originally from the US, Rafe now lives and works in London.


Rafe is an engaging raconteur and public speaker.  His deep subject matter knowledge coupled with his passionate and humble style deliver hugely enjoyable and informative talks.  VP Europe, A&O, Microsoft 
Rafe Offer is a truly inspiring speaker. He brings enormous experience from the corporate world and from his life as an entrepreneur. He has an empathic speaking style, and he connects very quickly and naturally to his audience.  He is always one of the most popular speakers in the courses I run at London Business School.   London Business School 
Rafe was a fantastic facilitator for MSN UK as we held a series of culture change workshops with our 70-strong team. Rafe spent time understanding our business and our challenges, and then ran the workshops with real focus, discipline and good humour. I have no doubt that Rafe's facilitation was key to this process being such a success, and I would have no hesitation recommending him for other projects  UK Head, MSN