Professor David Bellamy

Professor David Bellamy - After Dinner Speaker

Professor David Bellamy, botanist, writer and broadcaster has become one of the best-known and respected personalities in Britain. His numerous television and radio broadcasts communicate to thousands of people his enthusiasm and concern for the natural world. David Bellamy’s travels take him across the world heralding the message that a new, enlightened view of conservation is needed and that every person has a part to play.


Since his first major television series and accompanying book ‘Bellamy on Botany’ in 1972 he has published some 84 scientific papers and 43 books, many of which are for children. These best-selling publications cover a diverse range of environmental subjects from the Boglands of Ireland and the botanical history of America to the gardens of the Vatican and Buckingham Palace.

He has written and presented over 400 television programmes on ecology and the environment both for the British Broadcasting Corporation and Independent Television. His programmes have won many national and international awards, including the much coveted Richard Dimbleby Award at B.A.F.T.A. in 1978.

David Belamy’s main spheres of interest are the evolution of ecosystems especially wetlands and coral reefs, marine pollution, human/environment interaction, conservation, sustainable development, ecotourism, business and the environment and arid lands.

Dr Bellamy first hit the headlines in 1969 when he was consulted as pollution expert after the Torrey Canyon disaster. He was Visiting Professor of Natural heritage studies at the University of Massay in New Zealand and Senior Lecturer in botany at Durham University until 1982 where he is still Honorary Professor for Adult and Continuing Education. Dr Bellamy also holds the position of Special Professor on Botany at Nottingham University.

David Bellamy is President, Patron or Trustee of numerous conservation and environmental organisations. He founded The Conservation Foundation in 1982 where he is still a Director, he is also President of Population Concern, Youth Hostels Association, WATCH, National Association of Environmental Education, Plantlife, Surrey Wildlife Trust, Cleveland Wildlife Trust, Coral Cay Conservation in Belize. He is Vice President of the Flora and Fauna Preservation Society, Chairperson of the Trustees Savings Banks Committee dealing with its Environmental Unit Trust Fund and Patron of Soil Health Association of New Zealand Heritage Foundation.

In his spare time his interests are ballet and children.