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Poles Apart Stilt Walking Musicians - Band - Performers

Poles Apart Stilt Company specialises in music on stilts, with a wide range of acts from different genres of music. They can even perform at ground level! We have brainwashed some of the most refined musicians to put their skills onto a completely new plane. All costumes are created by the company itself in the dark catacombs of their subterranean workshops.

The Stilt Walking Musicians are available as a single performer, duo, Trio, Full band (four piece) & a 5 piece for an even bigger visual effect.

The Return of the Sergeant Peppers
They are back leaving their famous album front cover and their crowd of admirers.
So you can admire them too with their tastefully understated garb and authentic ethnic sound.
Just don't ask them to speak Scouse!
The Tip-tip Toffs (1920's jazz band)
Showing great skill and panache we will entertain you with all the great jazz sounds of the 20's. If you've not heard a saxophone and sousaphone from 10 feet up, you haven't lived!
Hooraaaaay Henrys. 
We are here for your delectation.
But we don't just perform for anyone, just the upper crust. 
And we are soooo refined. 
Because we understand about Music as Art. 
That is what we do, after all.
Stilt Walking Pirates
These scurvy sea dogs have been roaming the oceans up to no good for years.
Having grown a bit too tall for their boots they are looking for easy pickings on dry land.
And they do not like to be nutmegged!
Stilt Elvis.
And you thought it was safe to come out?
Colonel Tom Parker's little boy has split four ways and is here to give you his imitable take on Sixties Rock.
So get on your Blue Suede shoes and gyrate those lovely hips, baby!
Jack Frost & his Band
Just right for those cold winter evenings.
Or perhaps they'd be just perfect with a gin and tonic on a hot summer's day?
You wish. 
Medieval Minstrels
Greensleeves, eat your heart out.
This jolly bunch of rogues, lately returned from entertaining the Sheriff of Nottingham, can, for any event, turn the clock back  to a simpler more rustic time when maids were milky white, knights were bold as brass, and minstrels played sackbutts and shawms.

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They can perform either 2, 3 or 4 x 45 min sets at your event.