Philippa Forrester

Philippa Forrester - Event Presenter

Charismatic, intelligent and dynamic, Philippa brings a fresh touch to all her work which combined with her, warmth, sense of fun, natural authority and journalistic instinct is shown to great effect on Sunday Morning's - Live - Heaven & Earth - BBC 1

It is all these elements and more that made her such a stunning reporter/presenter of Tomorrow's World for four years covering issues at the cutting edge of science and its applications - particularly medicine.


For Breakfast News Extra, Philippa reported live every morning for three weeks from three very different venues leading up to Christmas 2002 - from The Royal Opera House, Kew Gardens and finally from Alder Hay Children's hospital in Liverpool. 

An infectious sense of humour has enhanced shows such as the hugely successful Robot Wars - 5 Series, Barking Mad, where some very odd pet behaviour (and that of some owners) was analysed by the experts and the BBC's coverage of CRUFTS (2001, 2 & 3), which she has taken to new heights.

Philippa's TV Science credentials continued with: - Dreamwheels - (BBC1 '99) exploring the future for travellers; fronting the BBC's coverage of The Eclipse (21 mill. viewers) and a prime role in the BBC's Millennium Night marathon.

Despite a packed presenting schedule in 1998 Philippa gained a 1st Class Honours from London University - (Ecology and Environmental Science) - her 2nd degree.

In 2000 and 2001 she brought her passion for the natural world to a raft of projects for the BBC Natural History Unit - inc; Clever Critters, Wild Within, Robo Critters and Making Animal Babies - a passion first aired when she fronted BBC's Zoo Watch and her work at Tiggywinkle's Animal Hospital came to notice.

Philippa's environmental credentials grew with her presentation of the Weekly Eco (HTV '94) while Disney Club (ITV'94) increased her fan club.  Other work has included a series on extreme sports for This Morning (ITV), The World's Strongest Man (BBC) while for GMTV she explored alternative medicine and explored college options with students - her own preparations for her second set of 'finals' making her uniquely qualified for this role!

Sensational stints on C5's Night Fever (98 + 99) echoed her work for Radio 1 + The Ozone working with the likes of Elton John, Robert Palmer etc. and The Broom Cupboard for CBBC: daily live shows, celebrity interviews, working with the first virtual reality TV character and 'Ed The Duck!  Philippa has also become a wild-life producer of films, with the exquisitely crafted My Halcyon River which was shown on BBC 1 - and told of a year in the life of the river which runs past her window, and the wildlife it hosts.

Her corporate credits for both live and recorded events are many and prestigious.