Phil Tufnell

Phil Tufnell - Former Cricketer - Event Host

Affectionately known throughout the cricketing world as 'The Cat', Phil has entertained many sporting crowds over the years. During recent times, he has used his 'mischievous' reputation to his advantage and regularly enjoys the banter referring to his 'alleged' misadventures. His many television, radio and personal appearances, both in cricket and in the 'showbiz' world, have all been well received by both young and old alike, as the person on the street can easily identify with Phil as the 'lad next door' with his extremely down to earth nature.


Phil is hugely experienced in corporate and after dinner entertaining as well as Awards Presentations and Personal Appearances. He is able to combine his 18 years of International cricket experience with his subsequent career as a TV personality from Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here to They think It All Over and not forgetting ricket commentary of course.