Penalty Kick / Rugby

Penalty Kick / Rugby

The Penalty Kick/Rugby game uses projectors to create a more immersive experience. A ‘virtual ball’ sits on the penalty spot in front of the goal. By ‘kicking’ the ball, the player directs the ball in his chosen direction and attempts to score a conversion.

Each player has 3 or 5 penalty attempts.

Each shot is electronically analysed and points awarded. The results immediately appear on the projected backdrop informing the player and the audience how fast and how accurate the shot was, but watch out for the projected goalkeeper, whose movements are calculated and based on the reactions of professional goalkeepers in the European soccer leagues!

The best 3 shots make up the player`s overall score and these results are printed on a certificate (optional extra) that shows exactly how they did and where they placed the ball.


The external system can be fully branded as a road show unit in many ways, the game itself has digital stadium hoarding's that can be multi- logo branded.

Additional info

If you need to exhibit the Simulator outside, our inflatable Spider marquees can be provided Dimensions 12m Diameter.

Dimensions: Where located indoors footprint is 5.5m D x 8.5m W x 3m H.

Power: We can operate with 1 x Twin 13 amp socket. 1500 watts. Or Generator Supply 5kw - Earth bonded.