Murder Mystery Event

Murdery Mystery Events

A MURDER MYSTERY CHALLENGE involves teams of detectives who attempt to solve a deadly who-dunn'it!

The CHALLENGE is to answer three questions:-

WHO committed the murder?

HOW did they do it?

and WHY?

The Murder Mystery evening is ideally accompanied by a meal or buffet and begins with the audience witnessing scripted scenes featuring events that took place before the murder was committed. These scenes introduce the audience to the Victim and Suspects and present many vital clues.

The audience in their teams then meet each of the Suspects who join them at their tables. At this point the teams can INTERROGATE the Suspects and will be marked on their performance as a team of super Sleuthing Murder Mystery Detectives.

After watching further scenes and a final chance to question the Suspects the teams are invited to submit their solution. The evening ends with the performance of the actual murder and the announcement of the winning team.

A MURDER MYSTERY CHALLENGE is a unique blend of theatre and audience participation with the emphasis on FUN! With the actors as Suspects and the audience as teams of detectives, its an evening of compulsive Murder Mystery entertainment!

Each story is 100% original!

A Murder Mystery Night is an ideal evenings entertainment suitable for all types of venue and for audiences ranging in size from 10 to 200. Our requirements are minimal and the format is flexible in order to cope with the wide-ranging client demands. We work closely with each venue to ensure the smooth running of each show.


"Just want to thank you again for all your help with our Murder Mystery evening at The Marriott. I’ve NEVER had such a good response to an evening. Nothing but the highest pf praise for the Actors, which I should be grateful if you will pass onto them. I asked one enthusiast what he thought of the food and the response was “Didn’t notice it, too engrossed with what was happening on Stage”.  Says it all really !!!!!" - Comments Received following a booking in Jan 16.