Mr White

Mr White - Street Entertainment

Surreal Street Theatre / Entertainment, Mr White lives in a white world, and he thinks everything should be white!

Guests are often encouraged (gently) to join him in his white world, by means of white face paint.

Works as a living statue, walkabout, mime – or combination.

He cannot understand why the world is not monochrome and it his desire to ‘whiten’ those with whom he comes into contact, using progressively larger brushes and finally a giant roller secreted in his jacket.

Mr. White uses hypoallergenic face paint and ‘chases’ victims in a slow mime gait, so that he is safe for retail environments; if children run, Mr. White stops!

Mr. White comes with chair or easel and may be seen painting subjects; the subject does not know that his efforts are all in white, but the audience find it hilarious!

Mr. White also invites children to sit on his chair for a session of whitening – all on parental approval.  In quieter moments, Mr. White may be seen playing with a white yo-yo or reading a blank newspaper or novel; he is even equipped with blank business cards – (until heated) and a white passport if challenged by security!

Mr. White is an exceptionally strong character for walkabouts, mime and living statue activity.  He is particularly effective at leafleting (using his white case) and delivering promotional materials.

Mr. White has been invited to whiten W.H. Smiths, the RAF and many council and town centre management committee events.