Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting uses free standing LED up-lighters, which can colour any white / light coloured wall marquee or drape, absolutely any colour in the visible spectrum.

LED up-lighters are relatively new technology that uses high power LED (light emitting diodes) to generate nearly every colour the human eye can see.

During your meal or wedding breakfast the uplighters add a touch of colour to the walls while it’s still bright, as the evening progresses the ‘house lights’ can be dimmed or turned off completely, allowing for the full effect of the LED uplighters to come into force.

During the evening we can programme the uplighters to cycle through a number of colours or change to the beat of the music, helping to create an excellent atmosphere.

LED lights use very little power and generate a small fraction of the heat that traditional bulbs would. So they are perfect for marquees and any other surface that needs a bit of colour.