Miriam Staley

Miriam Staley - Business Experts and Keynote Speakers

At the age of only 26, Miriam made it to the final five in the first series of The Apprentice UK, and notably received a public apology from Sir Alan Sugar after he fired her, admitting that he had made a mistake.

The programme was a spring-board for Miriam’s business and entrepreneurial interests. She moved back to the UK from the Caribbean, landing a job with Lloyds TSB heading up their Corporate Sponsorship programme.


This role gave her essential first-hand knowledge of a major corporate company, and also the opportunity to work directly on the organisation’s partnership with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

When the company restructured, Miriam decided that the time was right to concentrate on her own business interests and to develop her career as a speaker, presenter and dynamic facilitator for live events, ranging from company conferences to awards ceremonies.

Over the past five years Miriam has spoken at a wide variety of events, on a diverse range of subjects. She is passionately committed to seeing people achieve outstanding results. By drawing on her business background and other life experiences, she helps people believe in their ability to succeed, and their potential for greatness.

Her motivational and business topics include:

- The power of perception

- Maximising potential

- Raising the bar: the pursuit of excellence

- Creating and managing your personal brand

- Women and business: the myths and the madness

- The changing world of sponsorship

- The extra mile: delivering a superior customer experience

With a BA in French and Spanish coupled with a passion for language, foreign culture and travel, Miriam has had opportunities to not only visit, but also live in a number of different countries. She has spent extensive time in France and Spain, and has lived in the French West Indies for four years.

Her knowledge and experience in the travel and tourism industry recently prompted several new business ventures with her husband, Sam, including the launch of a series of fresh and innovative travel guides to London and an online e-guide to the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

If you asked Miriam to define her life’s purpose, she would say ‘to communicate and inspire’. Miriam is a totally compelling public speaker, and loves inspiring others to be better than they thought they could ever be.