Michael Bland

Michael Bland - Business Speaker and Keynote Speaker

At the age of 58, and living with Parkinson Disease, Michael Bland won Kickboxing Black Belt. Now in his 60's he is still an active kick boxer and tennis player, motivates groups and audiences as a conference speaker, run training course worldwide, advises corporate giants, coaches CEO's, lectures at leading universities, is the author of 15 book and lives life on afterburners!


Michael was an Army survival instructor before reaching the top of the public relations world as a consultant, trainer and former corporate communications head of the Institute of Directors and Ford Motor Company Limited. He combines his skills as a world class communication consultant with a wealth of experience in human energy, reduce stress and get more fun and fulfilment from life, work and relationships.

His talks are powerful, lively, funny, deeply thought provoking, infectious and memorable, with fantastic feedback from audiences - of all types - all over the world.

Michael's talks and workshops help people to:

Have more energy

Understand them selves better

Improve self worth

Perform more effectively

Reduce stress levels

Get more fun and reward out of life, 

work and relating to others

He shows how to look at our lives, jobs and relationships from a different angle, how to feel more on top of things, and how to tap into huge, free reserves of energy of which we are normally unaware. And with more energy, we are able to feel less stressed, to find life more fun, to be physically and emotionally healthier, and to be more in touch with our own guiding forces.

Satisfied clients include: Orange, Institute 0f Directors, London Business School, Rotary International and Siemens, to name but a few.