Luisa - Caricaturist

Luisa Calvo - Caricaturist and Corporate Cartoonist

Luisa humorously captures stunning likenesses of your guests, producing 12-15 caricatures per hour. 

Your guests are free to continue talking and laughing - it all adds expression, movement and "life" to the caricature.

Whatever the event, Luisa entertains with originality, imagination, style and charm. The perfect ice-breaker to draw people together.

Luisa can offer black and white traditional ink caricatures or digital colour caricuatures drawn live and emailed instantly to the subject.

Digital Caricatures

Think of walkabout digital caricatures as having a roaming artist at your event, party or function. Whereas with seated caricatures Luisa is in a fixed position and guests come to her, with walkabout Luisa is able to walk the room with her iPad and mingle with your guests. This provides a new dimension, with Luisa being able to engage and entertain whilst the drawing is being created. Interactive and entertaining!

How It Works
1) Luisa mingles with your guests sketching them as they are chatting

2) The guests are shown their caricatures and Luisa either gives them a live Dropbox link to their caricature, or emails it over

3) Voila! Digital caricature received on your guests mobile phone which can be instantly uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc!