Live Wire AC/DC Tribute Band

Live Wire AC/DC Tribute Band

AC/DC Tribute Band

Live/Wire - THE AC/DC show with a unique twist.

The band have produced a fantastic show with BOTH the Bon Scott & Brian Johnson eras of the band are included - with two very individual singers in the same explosive performance!

The band bring the full size 'DC show to the fans - complete with the cannons, the walkways, the backdrops and the drapes. With a rock hard rhythm section and Lorne cutting the rug as Angus Young it’s easy to see why Live/Wire is the UK's hardest working tribute band.

All the classics are there - 'Whole Lotta Rosie' & 'Highway To Hell' to 'Thunderstruck' & 'Back In Black'. With Live/Wire there's no holding back - it's the full on show from start to finish! Close your eyes and you'll hear AC/DC; Open your eyes and you'll SEE AC/DC!!