Lisa Sampson - Hula Hoops

Lisa Sampson - Hula Hoop Performer - BGT

Lisa Sampson is a self taught hula hoop artist who only took up learning the skill in 2012 after visiting a circus skills workshop.  Fast forward 3 years to 2015 and Lisa appeared on Britain's Got Talent and gained a standing ovation from the whole theatre & four yes's from the judges.

Lisa went through to the finals and made it through to the semi finals where she performed with fire too!

Since her success on BGT Lisa has appeared on Good Morning Britain, Haven Holidays, countless corporate events across the UK and Europe.

Lisa's cabaret show, features all the elements that makes her a daring, creative, fun and skilled hula hoop artist with the use of fire and smart LED hoops.

Lisa's Performance Options
Lisa performs a high impact choreographed stage performance which lasts approx 7 minutes.   Her cabaret / stage performance can be extended to 10 mins by including audience participation.
Lisa will perform as a mix and mingle artist performing hula hooping around an event.
Hula Hoop Workshop
Excellent fun for corporate events and family fun days Lisa offers hooping workshops.


"Lisa performed as part of TAG’s Seaside Cirque cast for 2015. Lisa is a pleasure to work with and always puts 110% into her performance. Lisa is full of energy and a bubbly cast member. Always smiling and always putting on a GREAT performance for the audience!" – Debbie King (Director, TAG Talent).

"Amazing act and a great way to start a conference! " – Amy Baldwin (Commercial Manager, Edwards and Blake).

“You’d think hula hooping was quite niche but the way you do it is brilliantly entertaining.” - David Walliams (Britain's Got Talent 2015).