Lethal Enforcers 3

Lethal Enforcers 3 - Arcade Machine

Players race each other using the Konami Dead Heat System. Players run through the levels and only stop when they raise their shield (aim the gun off screen), but they must not stop for too long or their colleague will take the lead.

The player who makes it to the end of the level first wins promotion and gets to decide on the next mission.

The loser must follow orders.

Players can choose from 6 realistic scenarios, allowing them to simulate various roles of law enforcement.

This machine features the new Konami high powered recoil gun with a REALISTIC FIRING ACTION!

The stage unit contains high powered bass speakers that vibrate when players shoot, giving a more realistic experience.

Hire 'Lethal Enforcers 3' to enhance your event's theme or just add to your events fun!