Lee McQueen

Lee McQueen

Apprentice winner Lee McQueen has emerged from the experience as a grounded and experienced businessman who is now focusing on training raw sales talent. 

After The Apprentice he joined Amshold to become director of an exciting new digital signage business called Amscreen run by Lord Sugar’s son, Simon Sugar.

 As Development Director of the media advertising business aimed initially at the Petrol and Healthcare industries, which harnesses wireless technology, Lee was responsible for the development and integration of the business both commercially and internally. 


 With two successful years with Lord Alan Sugar under his belt, the former IT recruiter has now launched the Raw Talent Academy to prevent businesses wasting money on the wrong sort of recruits.

Oxfordshire based businessman Lee knows that sales have been regarded as the Cinderella of business but Lee sees it is a great opportunity for top talent who might not have paper credentials but are the sort of go getters and hunters that businesses need in recession.

Of his exciting new project Lee says “With any type of business you have to have a sales function. Whether you are a one man band or a multi billion pound organisation you have to have someone selling it.  It is a major part of business and there are people out there who could be terrific sales people who are being overlooked. It's about finding those skills and supplying the platform to bring those skills into the open which is what I am going to do.”

The Raw Talent Academy provides him with the opportunity to supply training in-house and demonstrate his own special talents and experience.

He has also become a public speaker talking about his experiences on the BBC’s Apprentice and the tremendous career boost appearing on it has given him. The opportunity was a chance of a lifetime which has boosted his confidence and given him the kick start to take risks and grow his own entrepreneurial ideas.

Lee has ten years in IT Recruitment under his belt, six of which were with Capita Resourcing. After working his way through the business, Lee ended his career at Capita as the Sales and Delivery manager, heading up the IT recruitment division.

When he left, the division turned over £32million and had around 30 staff, the majority were revenue generating.  Lee also set up an academy within his division, designed to train and recruit staff with limited experience and turn them into fully fledged sales consultants deployed within the business. This and other experiences are the building blocks of the new venture.

Lee constantly demonstrates his desire and passion to succeed.  When his parents split up as a teenager he had the courage to take on a mortgage at 18 and cope with two jobs to finance it.  When other teenagers were having fun he was taking on responsibilities.  Since taking part in The Apprentice he has stayed the pace in other ways and has found the time to take part in two half marathons and the London marathon (April 2009) – demonstrating once again his constant passion and desire to succeed.

As well as learning about The Apprentice, Lee’s audiences get an insight into:

• Social Enterprise

• Mentoring

• The Passion to succeed

• Recruitment 

• Sales and Business Development

• Highs and Lows of Media hype