Laser Shooting Game

Laser Shooting Game - Shooting Game

Laser shot can be enjoyed by men, women and children alike (over 10's) either individually or as a team as part of an organised event. The simulator can be used outdoors in its own purpose made pop up marquee or indoors all year round either in a darkened room or within our special half size marquee.

The system is operated via computer which enables our operators to set the difficultly level and provide a visual score for each participant.

Safe, fun shooting action with a choice of 15 different game scenarios including

  • Clay Pigeon Shoot
  • Reaction Timing
  • Bullseye Blast
  • Field Targets
  • Dove Shoot
  • Mallard Mania
  • Marksmanship Trainer
  • Pheasant Flush
  • Prairie Dog
  • Quail Crazy
  • Speed Trainer
  • Speed Trap
  • Target Range
  • Timing Trainer
  • Western Shooting Gallery

There is a choice of rifles and pistols to suit all and are are authentic size and shape but are recoil free and fire a safe laser beam only at the various targets on the state of the art LCD projector screen.

The system is supplied with a sound system and trained operators to instruct and operate the system for the duration of your event.