Konnie Huq

Konnie Huq - Awards Host and Presenter

Konnie Huq's (pro. Huck) first foray on television was presenting the satellite show "TVFM" at the tender age of 16. She went on to host various programmes such as "Eat Your Words", a children's quiz show on "GMTV" and "VATV", a youth insert programme for Channel 5's "The Mag". This led to her becoming the host of "Milkshake", Channel 5's links for their youth programming, for a year.


She is best known for being the longest serving member of the "Blue Peter" team (she finally managed to beat Val Singelton's record) and has recently started presenting The Tube on Channel 4 Radio.

And in between all of this, she's even managed to fit in an Economics Degree from Cambridge!