Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie

Media entrepreneur and ex-editor of the Sun. 

Mackenzie was Editor of the Sun 1981-1994. He was responsible for firmly establishing it as Britain's most popular daily paper. His style is epitomised by outrageous headlines such as 'Freddie Starr ate My Hamster', ‘Gotcha’ after the sinking of the Belgrano and 'It Was The Sun Wot Won It' after the Conservative Party Victory in 1992. Rupert Murdoch referred to him as "my little Hitler".


Since leaving the Sun, Kelvin had a stint as an executive at BSkyB and then joined the Mirror Group to work on L!veTV, where his contributions included topless darts and the News Bunny. 

His next venture came in 1998, when he poured his assets into buying Talk Radio, an ailing station then losing pounds 8 million a year. He turned it around into a profitable sports station.

He has been described by Piers Morgan as a man possessing a "particular form of dangerous genius".