KEGS - Ceilidh Band

Kegs Ceilidh Band

Trio + Caller

KEGS were formed in 1994 by Elinor and Stuart Moffat along with Kevi May and Geoff Coombs. It was from the initials of these four that the name KEGS was derived. Bobby Moffat joined the band in 2000 and takes the place of Kevi and Geoff.  

KEGS instruments are:- Melodeon, Guitar, Flute/Whistle, Saxophone and Vocal.

KEGS repertoire is extensive and eclectic, drawing upon the international folk tradition and pop culture, as well as self penned music and original songs.  

KEGS are renowned for their interesting arrangements, tight sound and bewildering fashion sense.

A Unique Folk Music Experience

BOBBY: Plays the flute and whistle – although not simultaneously, and sometimes plays the saxophone. She is fast becoming one of the bands finest songwriters.  Bobby is also a member of Crownstreet and Riotous Assembly.

STUART: Has developed a style of playing the guitar through many years as a solo-singer-songwriter that perfectly complements whichever musicians he is playing with. He is also a member of Crownstreet, Riotous Assembly and plays regularly with The Ceilidh Allstars.

ELINOR: Remarkably accomplished melodeon player who knows intuitively exactly what to put into a piece to make it perfect. She plays melodeon with ease and enviable sensitivity. John Kirkpatrick told her that “...she played like an angel” (Colchester 7th Feb 2011). She is a founder member of the band. Previous bands include Poor Mans Pig and current bands include Riotous Assembly.