Drawing on their popular show, 'Flux', Feeding the Fish have created a larger, more visual and even more stunning performance: 'Kaleidoscope' is a strongly choreographed combination of dance, laser manipulation and Pixel­Poi, performed by three dancers to a movingly upbeat classical­fusion soundtrack.

The patented equipment is uniquely designed and built by Feeding the Fish and on request can be specially programmed to display a client's logo, colour­branding or choice of text at the high point of the Pixel­Poi finale.

'Kaleidoscope' premiered in early June 2008 and has already been performed at a number of high profile events worldwide including the Horse of the Year Show, the Salle Empire in Monte­Carlo before Prince Albert of Monaco, for the rebranding party of Hong Kong Tourist Board, to launch a new TV channel in Dubai and at the opening of the 'Queens of Egypt' exhibition for the Egyptian Ambassador to France.

Second generation Pixel­Poi are now incorporated in all performances of 'Flux' and 'Kaleidoscope'. Alongside the capability to make an almost infinite variety of breathtaking patterns, they can display far more accurate representations of logos or graphics than ever before. Pixel­Poi images now have a higher definition, dozens of colour shades and multiple words can be programmed to appear simultaneously.


Additional info

Kaleidoscope show duration: 8 minutes.

Stage size: 7 metres x 5 metres.