Jon Hicks - Artist in Action

Jon Hicks - Artist in Action - Upside Down Painter

Upside Down Painting.

Jon has three meticulously rehearsed shows, choreographed to music and providing the powerful spectacle of an artist in action.  All shows are suitable, in slightly different formats, for any live event.  From Street Festivals to Corporate Functions.

Since developing his act in 2000 Jon has taken his shows around the world.  Performing for 1000's of people, in front of a President, at Glastonbury Festival, on numerous television shows and leaping over tall buildings.
Jons most popular show is his icons show.
Upside down, revolving, 6 foot tall paintings of the iconic-ally famous. Executed with immaculate timing to music.
Jon has an ever expanding repertoire of Icons practised to performance level, currently hovering around 15 different portraits.
He is always happy to discuss preparing new Icons.