Jo Elvin

Jo Elvin

Glamour Magazine

Jo first came to London from Sydney, Australia in 1992, with about £400 to her name and a determination to work in British magazines. She had been a junior features writer on the teenage 'bible' Dolly in Australia, as well as, briefly, a publicist for the iconic Aussie soap, Neighbours.


After months of waitressing, bar tending and all the usual clichéd Aussie activities, she landed a job as deputy editor of TV HITS magazine, where her job consisted of 30-hour working days and knowing everything there was to know about Take That! After about a year there, she was tapped to be the launch editor of Sugar magazine, which effectively changed the way teenage magazines were published here. They were the first 'teenage glossy', perfect-bound with high-production values and within a year the market leader Just Seventeen was forced to totally change their look and content to try and keep up.

After Sugar, the same company asked her to launch B, aimed at older teens. It was an exceedingly difficult thing to do in the face of four managing directors who each had differing opinions on what the magazine should be. In spite of this, it sold 220, 000 copies a month under her editorship and Media Week named it their 1997 Launch of the Year

She was then appointed editor of New Woman magazine in 1998. She took the 'ladette' magazine from Number 4 to Number 3 in the market during her time there before in 2000 being made an offer she couldn't refuse - to launch GLAMOUR magazine for Conde Nast.

Within a week of hitting the shelves in March 2001, GLAMOUR needed to hastily print an extra 50,000 copies to keep up with demand. Its debut ABC figure was over 451,000 and in 2002, GLAMOUR snatched away the market leadership that Cosmopolitan had held for 30 years. It is still well established as the market leader with an ABC of over 551, 000. GLAMOUR is now the highest-selling monthly magazine in Britain and Europe and has won the PPA's Magazine of the Year.

Jo is no stranger to awards her self, having won 'editor of the year' 5 times from the BSME (British Society of Magazine Editors), as well as the coveted Editor's Editor of the Year award.

Her job has brought given her lots of weird and wonderful experiences from spending a week with Teri Hatcher (and even getting photographed with the paparazzi with her!), to flying on board the Prime Minister's private RAF jet, judging a Miss World competition and sadly, being caught in downtown New York on September 11, 2001.

She is regularly asked to speak at conferences and corporate events about the magazine business, building and developing a successful career while finding the right work/life balance and the mad (and often soul-destroying) world of celebrity and the controversial issues surrounding magazine culture. In more general terms she can talk about building and developing brands and the constant need to innovate and evolve.