Jo Brand

Jo Brand

Since leaving her job as a psychiatric nurse in 1987, Jo has built a large following across the UK, male and female alike. Her 'Through the Cakehole' (Channel X for Ch4) series met with great acclaim, as did her 1996 series 'All the Way to Worcester' (Vera Prods for Ch4).

Her diverse appeal is marked by appearances on such eclectic programmes as 'Question Time' (BBC) to 'Nevermind the Buzzcocks' (TalkBack Prods for BBC) and 'Countdown' (YTV for Ch4) to 'They Think It's All Over' (TalkBack Prods for BBC).

She presented 'Jo Brand's Commercial Breakdown' (Celador for BBC1) and her new series, 'Jo Brand's Hot Potatoes' (Assembly Film & TV) has been very well received.

In 1992 she went on to conquer Edinburgh where she was nominated for the Perrier Award during the festival.  She has won various awards over the years, including The British Comedy Award for Best Live Performer, which propelled her to our TV screens, and onto nationwide success.

Jo has written two irreverent books (both published by Simon & Schuster), 'A Load of Old Balls' and 'A Load of Old Ball Crunchers', about leading men and women of history, and her first novel 'Sorting Out Billy' was published in 2004.

She has presented her own show 'Jo Brand's Commercial Breakdown' and has been on numerous TV shows, including 'They Think It's All Over' and was the first comedian to ever appear on 'Question Time'. Jo showed a whole different side to her talents on Celebrity Fame Academy for Comic Relief 2003!

Jo is a great cabaret artist for corporate events.