Jez Rose

Jez Rose

Psychological Consultant Jez Rose specialises in behavioural change through effective communication.

He has advised and worked alongside some of the world's largest organisations and as one of the most sought-after specialists in changing behaviour, has built an impressive reputation for inspiring and motivating people to get the most out of themselves.


Jez's additional work, researching domestic canine and wild wolf behaviour, is inspiring new ways of thinking in business. Working closely with corporate clients as a specialist guest speaker and conference host, he demonstrates the powerful and unequivocal link between canine and human psychology and how this can be harnessed by businesses to be better communicators, better managers, better teams – and better people.

Jez's entertaining, challenging and inspiring 60-minute presentation focuses on behavioural change and effective communication in business. He discusses why humans don't listen; how to change behaviour without people knowing it; understanding body language and how to use it to our advantage; spotting the human lie and how to flush it out and defines exactly what is meant by effective communication.

He is the author of two best-selling books and has made numerous appearances on television including: BBC 'The Heaven and Earth Show'; Melinda Messenger's 'Loose Lips'; Channel 4 'The Big Breakfast', The Discovery Channel 'Xtraordinary People'; BBC 'Scambusters' and ITV1 'Jez Rose: All in Your Mind'

He’s been heard on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Oxford, and LBC and he’s also written features for The Stage, The News of the World, GO! Magazine, Mizz magazine and Mercedes-Benz magazine.

His much-acclaimed book ‘Have a Crap Day’ is about achieving excellence in customer service and has been used by HBOS, Wyeth and Group4.