10 Gun Area 51 Laser Quasar System

Area 51 Laser Shooting Game

The very latest in mobile interactive laser tag games played within 1000sq ft of inflatable maze. Each player enters the inflatable arena armed with a laser gun, once all 10 players are inside, the game begins. The aim of the game is simple - to shoot your opponents without being shot yourself. The guns have different coloured lights for identification, built in score display, sound effects and speech telling the player when they have been shot or hit another player.

The system comes complete with internal smoke effects, 10 laser guns which have built in sensors and do not require body packs enabling a fast change over between games. The system is operated at all times by one of our trained staff who will control game length and run your choice of team or solo games. A real show stopper at parties, fun days, corporate, team build or any fun event.

Additional info

Suitable for use by children and adults aged 5+.

Equipment dimensions 35'w X 35'd X 8'h indoor (25’h outdoor) Operational area required 40'w X 40'd X 9'h indoor (25’h outdoor).