Huey Morgan

Huey Morgan

Currently hosting his own show entitled ‘The Huey Show’ on BBC’s 6Music, New Yorker Huey is more well known for being the lead singer of the infamous rock/hip hop group Fun Lovin' Criminals. He is a guitarist and applies his rock abilities in combination with hip hop music, jazz, rock music, reggae, and funk. They are currently touring and about to release some more material. 


Huey and his new wife, DJ agent Becky, split their time equally between uber cool Notting Hill and their apartment on Broadway, New York. After appearing on The Underdog Show for BBC Two he has turned his sights to British television. He has taken part in Jack Osbourne’s Adrenaline Junkie for ITV2 undertaking all sorts of stunts in South Africa proving he is game for anything!

Huey was a regular presenter on TFI Friday for Channel 4 and went on to guest host Never Mind the Buzzcocks for BBC One. Recently he was the exclusive backstage reporter for the Brits 2008 and even managed to interview Amy Winehouse who used to have posters of him on her wall. Other credits include The British Comedy Awards, Graham Norton Show, MTV Europe Music Awards and The Late Late Show. 

Not limited in talent, Huey is keen to act. He has already been in a few films and has also played cameo roles as himself. 

In his minimal spare time Huey likes to train the local youth baseball team, take his dog for a walk and come up with TV ideas. Being half Puerto Rican and half Irish, he owns several bars and pizza restaurants in Dublin which help keep him close to his roots. A lover of wine, he used to write a regular wine column for British magazine, Mondo. 

Huey has an air of status and a certain kudos about him which makes him brilliantly appealing and very watchable.